• Wiltec B.V.

    Wiltec B.V.

    The roots of Wiltec lie in professional paint shops, serving a variety of sectors such as the wood -and furniture...
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  • INDASA - Industria de Abrasivos

    INDASA - Industria de Abrasivos

    Founded in 1979, INDASA is now one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high performance coated abrasive technology. From...
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    MF PINTO was founded in the year of 2004, in Lisbon and has continued to grow throughout the years, consolidating our...
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  • BETAG Innovation

    BETAG Innovation

    Ralph Meichtry founded Beulentechnik AG in 2001, because he believed that the market for bodyshop tools was simply...
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  • Finixa by Chemicar

    Finixa by Chemicar

    Chemicar Europe NV designs and develops high-quality, non-paint products (consumables and equipment) for the professional...
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  • ERA Benelux

    ERA Benelux

    ERA Benelux has a wide range of airconditioning compressors, steering racks (left and right hand drive), steering pumps,...
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  • The Netherlands

    The Netherlands

    The kingdom of ‘The Netherlands’, also known as ‘Holland’ (call us however you want to call us, we’re a tolerant...
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  • Adobe, Microsoft and SAP announce the Open Data Initiative to empower a new generation of customer experiences

    Adobe, Microsoft and SAP announce the Open Data...

    On Monday, the CEOs of Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE), Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) and SAP (NYSE: SAP) introduced the Open Data...
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